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Welcome! We are a cohort of white-hat high school developers, makers and hackers hoping to build a better and more secure society through our passions in cybersecurity and penetration testing.



The skills we develop as technologists enable us to build innovative software, write ground-breaking research, and continue our life-long passions as learners in order to promote our movements in hacktivism and cybersecurity awareness.



Intrusive is not filled with average high school students, but progressive thinkers and leaders of the 21st century. With a diverse group of individuals, our unique skills enable us to come together as a group of visionaries and revolutionaries for the technological front.



While the term "hacking" may have developed negative connotations in the past decade, Intrusive is purely ethical, and our purposes aim from the protection of digital privacy to the security of systems and infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does this organization do?

As a nonprofit cybersecurity group targeting high school students, we aim to bring awareness to the information security and penetration testing fields through open-sourced software, conferences and meetups, CTF (Capture-the-Flag) competitions, writing and blogging, as well as recruiting and meeting new AND experienced technologists!

What if I'm not from the New York City area? Can I still participate?

Yes! While Intrusive is NYC-based at the moment, we want to expand our organization so that it reaches all students around the world. While we currently host events within the Greater NYC area, we still hope to make them accessible to you through social media, livestreaming, and a TBA Intrusive meetup platform for hackers all around the world!

What is the story behind Intrusive?

While there is a strong presence of opportunities for high school developers, there aren't many for those with interests in information security. Our goal ever since the beginning of the group's conception was to provide this opportunity to anybody wanting to learn more or dive into the field of cybersecurity, and pick up some new skills for their future. We don't care about race, ethnicity or religion - cybersecurity is for everyone.

What about sponsors? How can my company/non-profit help Intrusive?

We love sponsors and we are willing to accept any that want to help our cause in any way possible. Please check the Sponsors section of our website, as well as email [email protected].

Where can I go to get more information?

We have a wonderful and dedicated team ready to help and provide more information anytime. Just shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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